Ossoro - Food that moves you...

Ossoro was born from a quest for culinary perfection - the heart of which is in the flavour of the food.

We’ve scoured distant lands for their exotic produce. Meticulously studied their compositions - from the souks of Morocco, fragrant with their heady mix of piquant spices , luxuriously provocative Malagasy Cacao, luscious sun ripened  fruits of the Tropics to our own culinary-colloquials like the Mughal Biryani or the Rummy Old Monk, to drop a few names. We have curated and created only the very best, so in each of our bottles is a lifetime of perfecting the right balance for the finest drops of essence masterfully crafted by our Flavour Alchemists….so you can add that elusive touch of  artisanal quality to the food you create at home.

The flavors are a unique concoction of natural fruits and plant based extracts sourced from all over the world. All ingredients used are approved and permitted by FEMA and GRAS standards. The products are manufactured under FSSC 22000 systems and controls. The products are bake stable, water soluble and work at temperatures as high as 200-250 degrees Celsius