The Ossoro Way

At Ossoro, we’re all about getting to the heart of good food – flavour. Born from a quest for culinary perfection, Ossoro was created to respect and contribute to the balance of flavour profiles to help you create impeccable food, every single time. We believe in a ‘less is more’ philosophy and every drop delivers. Even minimal quantities of our elixirs deliver elusive, full-bodied taste and aroma that enhance your culinary experience.

Fluff In A Cup

Fluff In A Cup is a homegrown bakery brand that started out as a hobby turned passion of Sarah Zia who spreads joy in every bake! This collaboration is truly special and celebrates life’s happiest moments. Sarah’s desserts have a signature pastel prettiness and are even more scrumptious to bite into. Fluff In A Cup has made a mark with decadently dainty frosting, unique cakesickles, cookie dough variants and even delightful cake bouquets.

The limited-edition flavours have been conceptualised by Sarah and brought to life by Ossoro to serve you a slice of joy, celebration and fun!