Ossoro Hibiscus Flower Essence

Rs. 300.00
  • Ossoro Hibiscus Flower Essence

Ossoro Hibiscus Flower Essence

Rs. 300.00


Go on a tropical trip with Ossoro’s floral aroma – Hibiscus. This pretty flower packs
in a punch of delectable subtle sweet-tart taste and makes for lovely concoctions –
be it as tea or in something stronger such as cocktails and liqueurs.
Render its fresh fragrance, hue and taste to your dessert, beverages and more for a
fun, floral fusion.

Ossoro recommends using 2-3ml of flavour per kilo of dough. Each ml measures
approximately 20 drops of the essence. This product is 100% vegetarian, contains
no preservatives and is free from spirit.